Stockholms Jodokai

Nihon Jodokai and Kaminoda Sensei

The organization Nihon Jodokai was founded 1978, the same year as Shimizu Sensei passed away. President is Tsunemori Kaminoda, born 1927. He was a close student of Shimizu Sensei.
Nihon Jodokai has its main dojo Zoshukan in Shibuya, Tokyo. There are many other clubs in Japan which also are connected to Nihon Jodokai.

Activities that are repeated every year is gasshuku - training camp - mostly in Kashima.
Embu - demonstations - are arranged some times, for example at Meiji jingu by the New Year.

Other non japanese persons, except us, who use to participate are: a few Westerners living in Japan - one of them is Michael Rogers, and representatives from groups in the U.S. and Brazil. We can mention Dan Pearson of Washington DC and Rich Freiman from Chicago.

Kaminoda Sensei served in the police force in Tokyo and had many active years as an instructor at Yonki Dotai, Tokyo Police 4th Special Department.

Kaminoda sensei has Shindo Muso Ryu Menkyo Kaiden, Hachidan Hanshi ZNKR Jodo, Hachidan Hanshi ZNKR Iaido.
He manages many ancient written documents of the Shindo Muso Ryu, and he has received an award from the Japanese Emperor.

Some other people who are important in the Nihon Jodokai:
Kohei Osato, Menkyo Kaiden. He lives in Sendai.
Osamu Abe, Menkyo Kaiden. He lives in Tokyo where he also runs an aikido-dojo.