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In present time Shindo Muso Ryu is trained in Japan and in many other countries. All modern pathways and associations can be traced to Takaji Shimuzu, the great master who died 1978.

Tsunemori Kaminoda, now head of Nihon Jodokai and also active in the jodo of Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei, was a close student of Shimizu Sensei.

It was Shimizu sensei who designed the Jodo that is within the Zen Ken Ren, ZKR Seitei Jodo, which disseminated through organizations of kendo, such as EKF, the European Kendo Federation. This line is big in Holland and England, are also in Sweden.

Shimizu sensei was active for the creation of the IJF, the International Jodo Federation, along with Donn Dreager. This line is big in Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland and is also represented in Sweden.

Stockholm Jodokai have close contacts with Kaminoda Sensei and Nihon Jodokai. It is also Nihon Jodokai who administers the gradations in Shindo Muso ryu as used in Stockholm Jodokai.

Stockholm Jodokai, like other jodo clubs in Sweden are connected to the Swedish Budo Federation and so the Swedish Kendo Federation. The Swedish Kendo Federation administers the ZKR Seitei Jodo gradations, following the Swedish Kendo Federation and EKF.