Stockholms Jodokai

Grading system

Nihon Jodokai established a new grading system in April 2000, which Stockholm Jodokai follows. Previously there was a kyu-dan-system from 4 kyu.
The old traditional certificates in Shindo Muso Ryu begins with Okuirisho, a recognition that it has "entered" into oku, ie train Okuden, Shomokuroku, "little directory", Gomokuroku, "the latter directory", and the master certificates Menkyou and Menkyo Kaiden.
The new system is a prequel to the old certificates and is based on the kata Omote, Chudan, and Kage. For each of these three kata there is a division into 3 levels, Sho - Chu - Jo (low, medium and high).

From lowest to highest - the following levels:

Omote waza Sho Kyu Omote waza Chu Kyu Omote waza Jo Kyu
Chudan waza Sho Kyu Chudan waza Chu Kyu Chudan waza Jo Kyu
Kage waza Sho Kyu Kage waza Chu Kyu Kage waza Jo Kyu

Okuirisho Shomokuroku Gomokuroku
Menkyo Menkyo Kaiden  

Here can see the forms which belong to the material for each grade.